Thursday, 25 October 2012

E-Book Revolution Mini-Podcast: Lead Up To The World Fantasy Convention with James Alan Gardner


Over the next week E-Book Revolution Podcast is going to diverge into the realms of fantasy authors and writing in the lead up to the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto. For those listeners who are unaware I am a fantasy author and early this year I was awarded a grant by the South Australian Government to attend the convention.

What better way to celebrate and get excited for a convention then to talk to the attendees? Each mini-podcast has myself and a prominent fantasy author aiming to answer ten questions in twenty minutes covering a range of topics including writing, the digital revolution, avoiding procrastination and their own writing. Finally we end with a mystery question...dum-dum-dum!!!!

JamesAlanGardner.jpgToday's World Fantasy author is James Alan Gardner. James is a Canadian science fiction author with a Bachelor and Masters degree in Applied Mathematics (yeah, he knows what he's talking about!). He has published science fiction short stories in a range of periodicals, including The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Amazing Stories. In 1989, his short story "The Children of Creche" was awarded the Grand Prize in the Writers of the Future contest. Two years later his story "Muffin Explains Teleology to the World at Large" won an Aurora Award; another story, "Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream," won an Aurora and was nominated for both the Nebula and Hugo Awards. He has written a number of novels in a "League of Peoples" universe and has also explored themes of gender in his novels, including Commitment Hourin which people change sex every year. Find out more about James here.

In this podcast we discuss:
  • Getting his big break via a competition
  • Using competition winnings to pay for intensive Clarion Workshop
  • A hot tip for finding which editors are more eager to sign new writers then most
  • How his KungFu helps him write fight scenes
  • How he uses his iPad to avoid procrastination
  • Using meditation to push away distraction
  • Reading science blogs and twitter feeds for research/story seeds
  • How the act of writing helps to draw out inspiration
  • The surprise an author gets when his character says something unexpected
  • How the internet has helped improve reader-author connection

JamesAlanGbook.jpgPLUS the all important MYSTERY QUESTION.

I love hearing from Listeners and readers so please drop me a line at ebookrevolution (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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In 2011-2012 Emily undertook a twelve month mentorship with fantasy author Isobelle Carmody. Emily blogs about fantasy writing and the lessons she learnt from Isobelle at Emily's trip to the World Fantasy Convention could not be possible without the assistance of the South Australian Government through the Carclew Youth Arts Board. Thank you Carclew for the opportunity.


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